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Went from the principle that i didn't want to clog so much with obfuscate.
Deck is lightly modified version of winning Menú "Paella y Tortilla de Patata" by Iñaki Puigdollers Crypt (12 cards, min15, max23, avg4.83) x Rose, The 5 PRE VIC aus Tzimisce:3 2x Jost Werner 6 AUS PRE ani Toreador antitribu:2 2x Creamy Jade 5 PRE aus.Top I have a Dream.I had not realized Alastor doesn't allow you to rush allies and that was mighty annoying in two of the four games.Only 1 victory point was acquired via Dramatic Upheaval, this happened in the first round.The Rack was probably stolen from some other deck at some point.He got me down to 2 pool before I came back to take all the VPs and the Game Win.The Bums Rushes were pretty bad, another hunter would have been better.Winthrop 2 My Enemy's Enemy 1 Owl Companion 2 Precognition 1 Revelations 2 Revenant wie funktioniert lotto 1 Tasha Morgan 5 Taste of Vitae 2 Telepathic Misdirection 4 Trap 1 War Ghoul Top Praxis Seizure: Raleigh Raleigh, North Carolina March 25th 2000 Jeff Dai Jeff Dai's winning deck.2 Side Strike 4 Taste of Vitae Equipment (11).44 Magnum 1 Bowl of Convergence 1 Codex of the Edenic Groundskeepers 3 Heart of Nizchetus Event (2) 1 Anthelios, the Red Star 1 Scourge of the Enochians Combo (4) 4 Resist Earth's Grasp Top Survivalist.Boosted the defence and bloat side of the deck and it seemed to flow well in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, only stuttering in the final and the first round (when bleeding James and his Mobile Intercept Vehicle.Cagliostro is awesome when paired with Nakhhorheb and the extra discard phase is great to avoid hand jams.Crypt (12 cards, min10, max38, avg6.17) x Angelica, The Canonicus 10 DOM OBT POT cel obf cardinal Lasombra:2 3x Gratiano 8 DOM OBT obf pot priscus Lasombra:2 1x Catherine du Bois 5 DOM for obf pre Ventrue:3 1x Guido Lucciano 5 OBT dom obf Lasombra:2.Deck based on concepts I saw from Barnaby Dromgool and refined using Steve Harris' deck from last years LCQ in Melbourne.2x Rumors of Gehenna - probably should be 1 copy Crypt (12 cards, min4, max12, avg1.75) x Jimmy Dunn 4 CEL POT for Pander:2 1x Lena Rowe 3 aus obf pre Pander:2 1x Rex, The Necronomist 3 pot pro vic Pander:2 1x Christine Boscacci.I'd also remove Legendary Vampire.Crypt (12 cards, min19, max40, avg7.42) x Hannibal (ADV) 10 AUS DEM OBF cel dom cardinal Malkavian antitribu:2 2x Korah 7 AUS DEM OBF ani priscus Malkavian antitribu:2 1x Maris Streck 9 AUS OBF ani dem dom justicar Malkavian:3 1x Marie Faucigny 7 AUS OBF.(Another variant would be 4 Little Tailor, 4 Meshenka, 4 Sascha, although I don't know how this would work.Crypt (12 cards, min21, max28, avg6.08) x Teresita, The Godmother 7 ANI OBF POT for Nosferatu antitribu:3 3x Ox, Viceroy of the Hollows 6 ANI OBF POT Nosferatu antitribu:2 3x Nigel the Shunned 5 ANI POT obf Nosferatu antitribu:2 2x Christanius Lionel, The Mad Chronicler.The Guardian Angel was amazingly useful and came out in most of the rounds, the 7th Second was exactly the right amount on the day.

You have to kill it before it kills you.
I may try more combat.