Mass effect 2 engineer bonus weapon

As the Engineer lacks health or damage protection, shotguns are not worth the effort trying to use them.
To this end, the Firestorm is useful against melee enemies like wild animals and husks, and the occasional krogan.
That's two classes down, but there's more to come.
Engineers are somewhat weak compared to the other classes in weapons combat and the amount of damage that they can directly deal and receive is considerably lower than the other classes.When fired, it can destroy or severely damage enemies in a large radius.Garrus, with a Mantis and an AR, can cover long-range enemies and hostiles who sneak up behind you, proving invaluable on missions with overwhelming forces of enemies.The Sentinel should prioritize tech and biotic upgrades along with SMG and possibly heavy pistol damage.Damage is moderate, but can be used to finish off weakened enemies.On the other hand, after her twist kartenspiel loyalty mission Tali might be better for missions with synthetics as her Energy Drain functions similarly wie spielt man lotto plus österreich to Overload.However for the Soldier who likes to be up close and personal, then the Claymore is the best choice.Class Talents, edit, pistols, edit, main article: Pistols, essential to the class, especially after using a tech talent against an enemy by following up with a barrage of fire from your pistol.Though it may not be feasible in all situations, readjusting your bonus power to fit a mission (i.e., Energy Drain against synthetics, Warp Ammo against Collectors, etc.) can also be useful.Geth Shield Boost Edit Main article: Geth Shield Boost Geth Shield Boost is the tech defensive bonus power.IGN: What was the most important improvement made to the Engineer class for.It adds to power damage, plus the higher primary shielding means you can activate it less frequently and let your shields recharge naturally to a larger amount, leaving your cooldown ready for other powers.Increasing your shield strength is very important as you will need to rely on your shields to defend yourself.It is notable that the Warp explosion damages all enemies, even when they are protected.Is the wait as agonizing for you as it is me?Arguably the best non-bonus ammo power, it is useful for its ability to take down the many enemy shields found in the game.
A team needs to be built according to the mission profile and what enemies you will encounter.
Sentinels are unique, bringing both tech and biotic abilities to the battlefield.