Hot poker wow

hot poker wow

Boiling, boiling hot figurative, informal (person: feeling very hot) morire di caldo vi I'm boiling!
( informale ) chiacchiere, ciance nfpl Non dovresti prenderlo troppo sul serio: la maggior parte di quello che dice sono solo chiacchiere.
Hot pink (bright or shocking pink) rosa shocking nm Hot pink hair is not allowed in school.
Hot number slang, figurative (sexually attractive person) bomba sexy nm, nf She was such a hot number, that to see her was to want her.Hot figurative, slang (attractive) attraente, sexy agg ( volgare: donna attraente ) fica, figa agg ( volgare: donna attraente ) fica, figa, gnocca nf ( gergale: uomo attraente ) fico, figo nm She is so hot!Synonyms: torrid, burning, fiery, feverish, baking, more.Non dovresti prenderlo troppo sul serio: la maggior parte di quello che dice è solo aria fritta.Hotspot, hot spot (venue offering lottogewinn auszahlung zeit wifi access) ( internet ) hotspot nm All of the coffee shops in this city are hotspots.Hot figurative (food: spicy) piccante agg, indian food is so hot, I can hardly eat.Hot shoe (flash mount on a camera) ( fotocamere ) flash esterno nm hot shot, hotshot slang (very important person, high achiever) pezzo grosso nm The star football player was treated like a real hot shot, but he always remained humble.In hot water figurative (in trouble) nei guai, nei pasticci He found himself in hot water for being late for work.Guy caught mom for masturbating, russian anal threesome.US, slang (enthusiasm, pleasure) wow!, che bello!Watch this 1080p video only on pornhub premium.Hot toddy (alcoholic beverage) bevanda alcolica calda nf hot topic informal, figurative (subject currently of great interest) tema online mobile casino 5 euro einzahlung caldo, tema controverso nm questione controversa nf hot tub (jacuzzi) vasca idromassaggio nf The hotel has a pool, a sauna, and a hot tub.Hot air figurative (empty boasting) ( colloquiale: chiacchiere ) aria fritta nf You shouldn't take his stories too seriously - most of what he says is just hot air.Il cibo indiano è troppo piccante, difficilmente riesco a mangiarlo.Vedere Anche: Impostazioni: Un clic sulla parola: la traduce non fa niente, ricerche recenti: WordReference English-Italiano Dictionary 2018: Principal Translations/Traduzioni principali hot (high in temperature) caldo agg bollente agg, the tea was hot, so she waited before drinking.Includes top air travel and hotel websites, technology news sites, stock market links and finance tools, and much more in the.Guarda quel tipo sulle stampelle: ieri era la persona che faceva le acrobazie più spericolate sulle piste.Start Free Week of Pornhub Premium.First read this, then download the swf).
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The hot seat US, slang (electric chair) sedia elettrica nf the hot seat (precarious position) poltrona che scotta nf Nota : Used especially in sports with reference to coaches.