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Volume licensing is si centrum poker turnier available for Enterprise customers.Ongoing research in this area has produced improvements in word inflections and word ordering.ClientId and ClientSecret - those are the two keys you need to authenticate before you can call the Translate API.Language Detection, bilingual Dictionary, transliteration -/month, up to 10B chars per month.First, a first stage models the word that needs to be translated based on the context of this word (and its possible translations) within the full sentence.This ensures that the output translation is fluent and readable.I can honestly say this was one of the most screwed up developer experiences I've had in a long while - specifically related to the byzantine sign up process that Microsoft has in place.Register your Application, once you've created the Data association with Translator the next step is registering your application.You will need this when you develop your app.Subscribe to Microsoft Translator After you sign into Azure, go to the Cognitive Services section Under "API Type" select the Text or Speech API You can only add one Translator API subscription at a time In the Pricing Tier section, select the pricing tier that.Here's what the simple Translate API call looks like: / / Uses the Bing API service to perform translation / Bing can translate up to 1000 characters.More info on setup: / m/weblog/ / / Text to translate / Two letter culture name / Two letter culture name / Pass an access token retrieved with GetBingAuthToken.Here I use the JavaScript serializer to deserialize the json into a custom object I created just for deserialization.Microsoft Translator apps for Android, iOS and Windows, Microsoft.UrlEncode(text fromCulture, toCulture, HttpUtility.11 Core products edit Microsoft Translator is a cloud-based API that is integrated into numerous Microsoft products and services.Deprecated products edit Collaborative Translations Framework (CTF) edit The Collaborative Translations Framework (CTF) is an extension of the Microsoft Translator API that allows post-publishing improvement of translated text.Key API Features Natively Neural Use modern neural machine translation (NMT) as default for all supported languages.
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