Foe bonus quest sma

There are people who says, that properly clicked stop button will provide you only the best reward.
One more quest that are here to delay you.Scount any 1 province.The result is summed, so you dont have to build enough houses at once.Last of the quests that are here to delay you.No tarnish of the licensor's reputation or goodwill intended.Production can be started before you get the quest!Summer Event 2016 advantages The highest chance to win good prizes from all of the events.Speak freely." "Not interested in tourneys, my lord/lady.Just finish 30 aids online casino usa 1250 (the only condition is that the aid must be done succesfull the aided man cant have motivated everything already.Failure, enter the text upon failure of the quest.Good Production, produces a certain amount of goods from your current age every 24 hours.Finish 1-hours productions in production building 8 times.Now you have the choice research technology or spend 25 FP for any Great Building.Fierce resistance, raises the attack and defense bonus for units in defending army and increases support pool bonus, adds up with every building.Gain 40 puplation and gain 30 happiness.Game content and materials copyright licensor.You can do it 5 times in a row in 1 building or at once in 5 buildings.The only one alternative is to do it in some special buildings like Bazaar or Mad Scientists Lab (or Luau or Soccer Field).
Some people belive that this things can influence what you win: where the reward is located at the beginning of drawing when you stop the wheel (number of turn, and place when you click stop) changes of situation on the wheel when some other rewards.