Duo strat roulette

duo strat roulette

All Maps T CT Shotguns Only by /u/chrisgid Shotguns only.
All Maps T CT Corey Trevor by /u/BasedStrelok The two bottom players on the scoreboard become Corey Trevor, who can only buy smokes and body armor.Dust 2 T Terminator by (ichigo) whyyoukillmeh Buy a nova or an XM and rush middle to poker quotes CT to A site while using an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice.By Detox HD Whenever someone gets a kill, the team has to compliment him in chat.If the player who's "on the bridge" falls or dies, one from the bridge has to replace them.Dust techno jackpot juwel 2 CT Not a P90 Rush by /u/elyterix Rush B site, but you may only use snipers (AWPs, Scouts and Autosnipers) and noscope with them.When the perfect opportunity arrives, you can strike with your short swords!Mirage T Rocket by chimpoo Rush apts or palace and jump out balcony together.A player with a kill cannot attack or kill another enemy before everybody else has a kill too.Maps, strat List, fAQ, languages, contact, gladiator by /u/hattt.If someone stands up, the others must kill him.All Maps T CT Scared to Death by /u/DuongC If you see an enemy you must stop entirely and don't shoot or move until three second have glücksspiel mit karten kreuzworträtsel passed after he saw you.All Maps T CT Hide and Seek by /u/consistens The players of your team must hide as well as possible.All Maps T CT The Legit 360 by MyStiSk Whenever you see an enemey, do a 360 spin in real life before shooting.All Maps T CT Don't Be Afraid by /u/DuongC You are not allowed to hide behind any walls, boxes, etc.Inferno CT To B or not to B by /u/GrayDust You must do a full take onto B site.
By Z3niT3 After every kill you have to run back to your spawn and then you can kill again.

Cache CT The AWPortunity by /u/roastymuffin Everybody buys AWPs and gets boosted mid.
Fortnite Strat Roulette is intended to add extra challenges outside of normal play.