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Finally, as we are about to leave the leisure complex, I look up to glimpse a thin woman in pink Lycra, her jaw clenched, her body yoga-contorted.
Through it, high above, the sun hangs in the sky, a vision of casino cn kit a drowned world.Otherwise, the flavour is exclusively international.We know that at least one Brit lives in the building: Nick Candy owns a penthouse, where he lives with his wife, the Australian actor Holly Valance.Finally, somewhat towards the wrong A1 end of the street, we pull through automatic gates and into a pristine turning circle of cream-coloured gravel.I'm ushered up marble steps, past a porter and into the apartment, where the vendor's representative, suited and simpering, welcomes.18) Live @ Petersen Events Center, Pittsburgh, PA, USA (AUD) 12 740 catterbrain 2014 (Oct.Cranes went up, massive lorries started chuntering around the heath, a vast orangery began to poke its dome above the treetops.Witanhurst is an extreme example of the way overseas money is radically altering London's landscape both its physical appearance and the shape and structure of the lives of everyday people.There is an underground tunnel that runs between the two buildings, along which One Hyde Park's 85 serving staff will scurry with food from the hotel's Heston Blumenthal-run restaurant.Descending from the main house into the basement, we pass an enormous bar whose 500-bottle wine rack is filled exclusively with mineral water "Not to put off Muslim buyers the agent explains into a cavernous leisure complex.London, narrowly beaten by Buckingham Palace.Every surface is fashioned from dark wood, dark stone, the corners of the room are night-black."Rich and poor can no longer live cheek by jowl he says.Already in the capital's swankier boroughs Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster average prices have broken through the 1m mark, with Camden, Hammersmith and Fulham and the City not far behind.Photograph: View Pictures/REX I arrive early for my meeting with yet another Knight Frank agent.Stratheden, which is the rather och-aye official name, is better known as the Lego house, a gleaming crenellated lozenge in Cape Dutch style with a teal-green roof.Who would live in a house like this?"On the one hand it's there in Knightsbridge, right in the centre of everything, on the other it's a world set apart, a vertical gated community.Sheik Hamad, via a Cayman-registered company, has a triplex on floors 11-13 of one of the block's four towers.We walk past a plush pink private cinema to a dining room whose tabletop is purple lacquer, beautiful silkscreen prints on the walls.
28) Live @ The Arena at Gwinnett Center, Duluth, GA, USA (AUD) 4 420 catterbrain 2014 (Oct.
I wonder if the inhabitants of those sky-towers, those pinnacles of money, ever pause to wonder if it was all worth it?

Knight Frank the leading seller of 5m-plus homes in the capital.