Bing video preview not working

DigitalPoint Forums clearly showing his frustration with poker kombis msnbot, Microsoft Bing's search crawler.
Video Previews in Google are not poké ju hamburg mitte öffnungszeiten working?
Our Webmaster Center forums moderator will follow-up with you asap.Watch this quick screencast to see the video preview feature in action: You'll also like.If you want to give this feature a try, search for a topic lady gaga for example where Google is likely to include videos in search results.Please include in your forum post the identity of the user agent that is the source of your concern so we can help you that much faster.Forum discussion, digitalPoint Forums).The video previews include the audio as well though it is turned off by default so as not to surprise your colleague who maybe working in an adjoining cubicle.OK, found this info from a thread on another forum.Microsoft did recently announced that this beta crawler,.0b (b is for beta will be ramping activity and it seems like DigitalPoint was hit by this.He is upset that the bot is crawling too much, too fast - causing an unnecessary spike in load on his servers.The video is split into four roughly equal segments and each of the previews are about five seconds long.Px/url this is the problem.